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You’ve already heard the call of your inner Mystic.

You are walking a unique path in the world that bridges old and new, modern and ancient. Many modern Mystics feel a little ‘different’ than everyone else around. Perhaps more sensitive. More aware. They have a deep knowing that they are on this planet for a unique reason. Often to do big things. Mystics have an inner calling to service, healing, peacemaking – to making a difference.

We live in a time where the sensitive mystic can feel lost, alone; an initiate without a mentor, a path, a tribe. We so often embody a blend of the mystical, the magical and the good old reality of the modern world that we were born into that it’s difficult to see where we fit in. How can we best use our sensitives, claim our gifts, and grow our intuitive skills in alignment with our highest good, purpose and path.

Will you heed the call?

Claim your inner magician, intuitive, psychic, seeker, seer and more. It’s time to gather…to circle…to co-create with others like you. Feel the power of activating your gifts via a community and guide who will hold space for full development and potentialization of your craft.

Mystic’s Society benefits include:

1. Monthly Webinar: Access to our monthly online webinar “Salons,” each featuring a special mystic guest
2. Monthly Group Coaching with Lindsay in our intimate “Business Alchemy Breakout Sessions”
3. Access to the full library of Lost Arts Guest Mystic Interviews
4. Access to our exclusive community group and online portal
5. Bonus offerings from other powerful mystic leaders
6. Monthly content, bonuses, meditations
7. …and more


About Mystics Society

Are you a mystic?


Are you a modern Mystic…here are some signs…

  • your intuition is strengthening, and the call to KNOW yourself more fully and deeply, and to express your true inner gifts, is amplifying
  • you are finding yourself in situations or in conversations with others where the lines between the “here and now” and “universal truth” are beginning to blend
  • your awareness of the power of the moon is growing, and you are ready to fully step into intentional & manifestorial rhythm with her cycles
  • your relationship with and your appreciation for crystals, rocks and gems is expanding
  • you may already have been honing a craft or experimenting with alchemy, but may not have fully claimed and integrated your gifts and come out of the mystical closet
  • you are curious about life & business alchemy and ready to apply new principles – not only to how you walk in the world – but how you create your business, extend your offerings and engage your tribe

The Mystics Society is a homecoming …



The Mystics Society is a home base for all of us who walk in the world this way.

The Mystics Society is a safe zone where we can share our journeys, hone our crafts and support one another.

The Mystics Society is a circle that both mentors, and is mentored, that is guided and yet is illuminated by the amazingly bright light of the women within its virtual walls.


What is Business Alchemy…

The beauty of Business Alchemy is that it builds on the mystical practices you already love, but makes them applicable to your business and your bottom line.

  • increased alignment to flow, beauty way, and truth
  • the strength and security of a circle around you also walking in peacemaking and light
  • the FUN of activating and aligning together
  • the grace of knowing that you have found your place to create, grow and expand with some of the brightest lights around being in this circle just FEELS good….that’s resonance in action.

What comes with being a Mystic…

  • Immediate welcome into the growing community of women deepening their gifts, just like you
  • Access to our shared online space which houses our monthly themes, content, videos, bonuses, schedules and all things Mystic
  • You join our private Facebook group for support, connection and reflection
  • Access to all monthly {virtual} Salons with Lindsay and special guests
  • Early access to Circle and retreats as they are announced and at special “Society” only rates

A peek into a year of the Mystic’s Society…


Your Commitment

How much does it cost? Annual membership dues are $188, with subsequent years costing only $88

It was my supreme joy when creating space for this community to create valuable and transformative content in a way that is loving, fun and engaging, and to offer it at a price that is accessible to EVERY man & woman. Although much of the content shares the foundation and core principles that we expand upon in the Circles and Retreats, I fully recognize that not everyone has the freedom at this time to participate in those opportunities for reasons of time, money or more… The Mystic’s Society makes participation possible for anyone, from anywhere.

Your piece in the puzzle…

  • You are ready to engage with a group on a co-creative journey
  • You are open to sharing your ideas and support where you feel called
  • You have a light and a lens of positivity and hope that you are excited to bring to the group
  • You have opened up your permissions to the Universe to experience growth and change in ways that are healthy, fun and transformative, and to align to your true voice, purpose and prosperity.


About me:

As a consultant, business strategist, entrepreneur, intuitive, energy and light worker, mother, wife & lover, homesteader, and curator of a divine life: including experiences, foods, textures, and relationships… I have been a master manifestation artist since the age of 5 – and continue to delight in the power of the human expression to create its existence – and more so the power of women to accelerate and amplify that manifestation process when embarked upon in divinely guided circles. I created the exclusive Mystic Circle Mastermind Circle for 8 women entrepreneurs during the Grand Cross in Spring 2014. Since that time I have received countless inquiries and request to open the circle to a broader group of women. The Mystic’s Society is a response to that call. An opportunity for all modern Mystics to connect, inspire and thrive, together.  Read more

It is an honor to hold and craft this space for you…

“We are co-creators, craftors and master manifestation artists” The Mystic’s Manifesto


Inspiring circles of connection:

I am honored and blessed have so many magical entrepreneurial women joining the Mystic movement…

Erin Cox

Lindsay has phenomenal business acumen and experience combined with powerful spirit guidance and intuitive gifts. What a rare and valuable combination! She has learned how to harness both sides of herself into an unstoppable force for creating conscious yet highly successful businesses. She will help a generation of new spirit-guided business people achieve greater success while embracing and channeling their mystical gifts.

Author & Coach | One Hot Mama

Dawn Gibson

The very first time I met Lindsay Pera, my first impression of her was that she was a beautiful woman with gorgeous and vibrant eyes, a welcoming smile, gentle nature, and loving heart. After getting to know her better, I can honestly say that she IS all of the above and SO MUCH MORE. Lindsay is a powerhouse of intelligence, knowledge, a quick mind, deep compassion, and spot-on intuition. She’s like nobody I’ve ever met before and different than anyone I will ever meet in my lifetime—she is that unique. I feel so grateful and honored to have her as part of my direct circle of inspiring and high vibrational women. She’s definitely someone I love to support and hope to have in my life forever!

Personal Development Coach

Robin Green

Working with Lindsay is nothing short of inspiring. She is able to tap into sage wisdom and advice from a deep intuitive connection to source energy. She quickly and accurately read my situation, recognized what I needed and provide solutions that were aligned with my divine path to help children heal from chronic illness. Lindsay combines her practical real-world knowledge to help you find creative solutions that help you achieve your goals. She also helped me open my heart to receive the help I needed. Thank you so much Lindsay!!

LAC | Kids Love Acupuncture

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The Mystic's Manifesto

We are co-creators, craftors and master manifestation artists
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