Welcome Mystics…

The Path to Mastery

You have completed the journey of the Initiate in circle. You have experienced the magic of being in circle together, you’ve activated your perception of group dynamics and co-creation and you are ready to really apply the practices and align yourself fully to the divine path you have laid before you.  Now you have the opportunity to take your practice to that deeper level.

The Mystic Mastery Program will accept four women to continue the path while honoring the natural progression of the woman through her initiation into mastering her craft.

What you can expect

This is a six month journey that builds on the work of the Circle.


…From Initiate to Master


The journey includes deepening core activation practices such as…

  • applying the work of the Mystic DEEPLY to a core activity of your life and business with the personalized support and guidance of myself and personal anchor Marie McRee
  • deep resonance principles (what you want…comes to YOU, magically, miraculously, with ease and grace)
  • peacemaking | guiding principles of speech, connection, interpersonal interactions, conflict resolution and more
  • unity of mind | become an expert at leveraging “oneness of mind” to achieve the highest good in any situation
  • thanksgiving in all walks | you begin to access the power and lineage of the Thanksgiving Address in a way that works for ANY situation, from a board meeting with investors, to the PTA meeting, to dinner with Oprah
  • Inner rings and group facilitation | running magical groups with grace and flow
  • creating and running a mystical retreat | a behind the scenes look into Mystical retreats
  • advanced personal and business alchemy | doing your own archetypal casting ceremonies to bring what you seek into form

Accessing and deepening the practice

Most magically and practically…

Lindsay works privately with each woman to apply this suite of knowledge deeply, personally, delightfully DEEPLY into one aspect of their life & business.

Whether the vision is to grow your community, grow your presence as an expert or influencer in your field, or simply to align more fully to your highest good and enjoy the flow and abundance that goes with true alignment.

Each woman will experience the magic of now fully integrating the Mystic Way into their life and business and going deep applying the principles to the area where they most desire transformation.

* Mastery applicants must have completed a six-month Mystic Circle as a prerequisite. 

Once accepted the journey behind the scenes begins…


The program….

  • Mastery specific course content
  • A one-on-one page and group FB access
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Ritual and alchemy practices tailored to you

Plus an Exclusive access retreat….

In March we meet at a quite literally MAGIC private home in Los Osos for a deep immersion into peacemaking, ceremony, self-care, reflection, alignment, retreat facilitation & running group programs and vibrational attuning at all levels.  You will be our guest.

The magic of mastery…

In completing your training you

  • Mentor and guide new Mystics
  • Are a leader and expert in the Mystic’s Society
  • Are invited to co-create future business alchemy products and events
  • Experience the magic of integrating your personal spiritual practice fully with your business processes…fully aligned…fully activated…fully realized.

The-Mystics-Apprentice-Journey-7Completion of the program also entails a pretty little ditty from me to you….it’s a

“Certificate Of Excellence in the Mystic Arts.”

Perhaps we should add the letters M.M. to your CV – designating “Mystic Master” as accomplished and granted by the AMA (Academy of Mystic Arts – of course!)  and signed by myself as well as our advisory board of mystic mentors.

*This is the second available designation offered by The Mystics Program

Be mentored into your full mastery and leadership…

Join us…


“All who are called shall shine their lights and lead the way…”
The Mystic’s Manifesto

Honored to be on the journey with you…

XO Lindsay

∞ claim your business alchemy mastery ∞

p.s. Any questions? Just contact me here…I’d love to hear from you

The Mystic Suite

  • Modern Mystics Circle | Mastermind + Initiation + Retreat : Certification of Completion in Co-creation and the Mystic Arts
  • Mystic Mastery | Certification of Excellence in the Mystic Arts
  • Mystics Society | Membership* (Lifetime Society Membership included for Circle Mystics and Masters)