Mystical Wares

  • A bundle of content from Lindsay on strengthening your power to manifest • videos • meditation • pdf’s • graphics • and more
  • Subscribe to the Mystics’ Society for an annual membership due of $180 (or monthly for $18) and join the growing community of women deepening their natural intuitive gifts • Access our shared online space which houses our monthly themes, content, videos, bonuses, schedules and all things Mystic • Join our private Facebook group for support, connection and reflection • Access all monthly {virtual} Salons with Lindsay and special guests • Get early access to Circles and retreats as they are announced and at special “Society” only rates Get full access to the Mystic’s Society for $180 per year, or $18 per month
  • Carry your magic with you…..
    This is a signature piece I originally created exclusively for my Mystic Motherhood Circles. This necklace pair is a beautiful way to honor the path of mystic mama and her little mystic! Handmade by Jill B. Designs, this stunning pair features hand stamped sterling tags with the words “mystic mama” and "mama's mystic". I know you will love these magical little treasures as much as I do!
  • Carry your magic with you…..
    This is a signature piece I originally created exclusively for my Mystic Mastermind circles. I wear mine all the time and get asked about its energy and source so I’ve decided I want to share it with modern Mystics everywhere! Handmade by Jill B. Designs, this stunning piece is a hand stamped sterling tag with the word “Mystics.” It sparkles and shines with its lovely little Labradorite briollet. Labradorite is the signature stone of the Mystics – a stone of magic, transformation and manifestation. I know you will love this magical little treasure as much as I do!
  • A bundle of content from Lindsay on alignment with your life’s purpose. • The Life Wheel • Shift Wheel App • Rings • Core Routines to Align and Attract your TRUE Soul Purpose • and more
  • The mystic is all around us... It can be imagined as a kind of energy field with which we have direct contact. Mystic energy helps create changes in our daily lives. It’s a transformational force, a generative ally. As our ability to access it grows, we come more fully into our purpose and potential in this world. The Mystics Path is the journey of alignment through expanded awareness and access to the mystic realm. It's about becoming who we are meant to be. Why embark on this path? Why take the leap and invite the disruption in the status quo? Why sacrifice what is for what could be? Because we each have something we’re meant to do. There is something we are meant to bring forward. Perhaps we have no idea what it is? Or maybe we do, but we don’t know how to pull it through into reality. We carry the burden of knowing there is something more in this life. We have a longing, an inner calling we’re trying to hear, like the beat of a distant drum. It’s time to make the journey. Pre-Order your signed copy of the Mystics Path today!  
  • Unlocking Miracles is a combination of EFT, Energy Work and Ho'oponopono across the three primary forms of Business and Life Alchemy Energies including Life Force, Resonance and Money. This is the perfect practice to help clear the way for aligning to your divine purpose (and abundance!) and to support the process of attracting your highest path to you. Lots of magic afoot, I assure you! The Unlocking Miracles Bundle includes:
    • 3 video sessions that walk you through the Unlocking Miracles practice
    • 6 audio energy clearing sessions with Rebecca Kane of Your SHeros Journey
    • 3 EFT tapping videos with Claire Hayes of Claire P. Hayes
    Let's get started and UNLOCK some Miracles, shall we??  
  • Creating reflections in form… • Just like the actual prism: light and reflection • Intention + Play + Creativity + Creation • Use the prism process to support magnify, and amplify the process of bringing your intentions to life. • Manifestation – with ease and grace The prism, like you, is light and magic…