The Society

The Society


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You’ve already heard the call of your inner Mystic.

You are walking a unique path in the world that bridges old and new, modern and ancient. Many modern Mystics feel a little ‘different’ than everyone else around. Perhaps more sensitive. More aware. They have a deep knowing that they are on this planet for a unique reason. Often to do big things. Mystics have an inner calling to service, healing, peacemaking – to making a difference.

We live in a time where the sensitive mystic can feel lost, alone; an initiate without a mentor, a path, a tribe. We so often embody a blend of the mystical, the magical and the good old reality of the modern world that we were born into that it’s difficult to see where we fit in. How can we best to use our sensitives, claim our gifts, and grow our intuitive skills in alignment with our highest good, purpose and path.

Will you heed the call?

Claim your inner magician, intuitive, psychic, seeker, seer and more. It’s time to gather…to circle…to co-create with others like you. Feel the power of activating your gifts via a community and guide who will hold space for full development and potentialization of your craft.