The Magic of Mystic Motherhood…

…in connection …in grace …in light
(with a whole lotta REAL in the mix).

Mystic Motherhood Mini-Course


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I’m a Mama

What is the Mystic Motherhood all about?…

The Mystic Motherhood Mini-Course is a magical self-guided tour into the world of the MODERN Mystic and how we weave as women, mama’s, sensitives and creatives.

We are Mama’s who arrived on this journey and realized – our experience wasn’t like everyone else’s experience. It’s been powerful, magical, REAL, but also a little hard. Sensitive feeling intuitive mama’s and sensitive feeling passionate kids. It’s a formula for intensity. Making conscious choices can be tricky, and feel lonely, in a hyper-plugged-in hyper formulated world.

But you aren’t alone. You have found your way to a community of conscious mama’s who are gaining strength in the knowing that their sensitivity is part of their superpower, and that their _____ (fill in the blank: intense, high energy, highly senstitive, etc etc) child is not wrong or broken or a “challenge” – these kids are in fact calling in the shift of the collective.

These are the children calling forth changes to our food, our environment, our community fabric and the very construct of the family.

Together we find solace in connection, in trust, in allowing what is and what’s real to weave with the knowing that we signed up for this journey. And these little people we journey with are not only our greatest teacher, they are the manifestation of our greatest gifts as well.

This season, claim the experience for yourself with this content packed magical self-guided tour into the world of Mystic Motherhood – a land of ease, grace, flow, fun, connection and LOVE.

The Mystic Motherhood Journey…

Light little self guided videos

How to use the material and apply it to your mystic mothering

Some of Lindsay’s very favorite go to experts for everyday MYSTIC MOTHER MAGIC join us with generous lessons in their Mystical Mothering area of expertise

…a Self-guided journey

The Course Curriculum…

This is a content rich but delightfully light four-lesson self-guided journey with course curriculum delivered to your email Inbox weekly.

Course Lessons…

  • Week One – Wellbeing and Your Mystic Motherhood Wheel
  • Week Two – Peace in the Home
  • Week Three – Seasons, Celebrations & Rites of Passage
  • Week Four – Magic and Wonder

Extra Bonus Content

Including “Raising Peaceful Warriors” for times of change, the Modern Village and Self-Love for Mystic Mama’s

Expert Panel Interview

with Lindsay Pera and Expert Panel

I’m still working through the teachings in the Mystic Motherhood course.  I completed the module on Peace in the Home last night.  I am in LOVE with this course.  I am nearly 40 years old and have a 10 month old son.  The timing of this course was divinely guided for me as my husband and I were not even close to being on the same page prior to Christmas.  I almost didn’t go on our planned holiday across country to introduce our little boy to the rest of my husband’s side of the family.  I read & listened to random lessons from the course & they guided me in a way where my husband & I could have meaningful, peaceful conversations.  Today, I feel deeply loved & supported xoxo  I am now taking my time with the material so as to absorb and practice the teachings in the course.
I joined the Mystic’s Society in January!!!  I feel such a connection to your teachings.  Everything so far that I have listened to or participated in has helped me immensely!
With much gratitude & a light heart,

 Mystic mom’s are everywhere…
Sacred. Powerful.
Creating a Legacy of Love.

Im In!

What else is included….

Each week we have a special Bonus Expert sharing a video and tutorial specific to their Zone of Mystic Mama Genius.

Lynne Newman

Gray Parenting ~  Sacred Simplicity in the Home

Dawn K. Gibson

Healing Trauma: A Path to Conscious Connection and Leaving a Brighter Legacy for Generations to Come


Tapping for Kids – Healing, Clearing and Connection

Robin R. Green

Health and Healing for Mini-Mystics, Sensitives, and Mamas too (The Wellness Wheel)



Self Love for Mystic Mama’s



Mariah Joy Belt

Conscious Mothering

Celia W. Wallace

Raising Peacemaker Warrior Girls


Raising Peacemaker Warrior Boys


The Auntie Essentials – The Missing Piece


Flower Essences for the Mystic Mama

Why Mystic Motherhood?

I’ve created this special course just for modern Mystic mama’s because

  • We’ve had enough of dogmas and approaches that just don’t fit our paradigm or our children
  • We’re done with the glorification of “busy” and “burnout” so prevalent in our schools and our homes
  • There are ancient practices you can use now to re-align to ease and grace
  • You’re ready to experience how to invite fun and joy into your home and relationships. (it’s all connected after all)
  • Because we are all sensitive, feeling, well intentioned, conscious, awake mama’s and who couldn’t use a little more insight, guidance and support for navigating this unique journey in a really good way?
  • there is no “Guide Book” to raising magical children….now there is.

Let’s step into ease, grace and connection the Mystic way…I do hope you’ll join us.

“What we do for the one, we do for the all…” – let’s make some magic!
The Mystics Manifesto

Hope to see you in class!…

xo Lindsay

∞ time to claim the gifts of the modern mystic ∞
p.s. Any questions? Just contact me here…I’d love to hear from you

Magic Time!

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