January 15, 2020



This invitation will call together a circle of 8 women

  • On the next step of their life evolution (expansion) journey…
  • Business coaching? – yes
  • Program and Course material? – yes
  • A mastermind? – of sorts
  • A personal guide? – yes
  • Intuitive on call? – you bet
  • A soul sister aligned to your highest good – and committed to helping you claim your true highest vibrational existence? – always.


I am inviting 8 women into a circle of intuitive soul & life purpose manifestation.

This will be beyond business coaching courses and masterminds. We will work in the realm of the divine interconnection between our soul purpose, our physical incarnation, and the expression of our life purpose.



Who is this for?

This is for those who have achieved a level of success, and live in gratitude for all they have called in.

But they know that there is something MORE, a big, brilliant, divine, new way that is in front of them now – and they are ready and eager (if not a bit nervous) for the journey.

This is about you, and it’s about your work

Since we are talking about Purpose & Prosperity we are talking Business.

Almost 20 years of corporate business experience + non-profit strategy + health and tech start-up + entrepreneurism equals an unparalleled toolkit from which to align and grow your new paradigm business.

This is your bridge from mainstream business techniques translated into a mystic’s business map.

Key topics we will cover include:

  • Mystic Marketing: you are super sensitive to “icky” or “salesy” or anything but divine and effortless marketing… and your tribe is too. That’s why it is critical that you have the formula for replacing low vibrational “marketing” with high-vibrational “resonance.”
  • Infinite List building: how to move “tribe building” from a “must do” to a “happens magically” process. My signature “Prizm Process” and other delightful business alchemy practices.
  • Divine Clientele: steps for re-visioning your “niche” and profiling your ideal client. You know this is key – but probably not for the reason you’ve been told. We’ll go step by step on visioning this piece forward in a way that isn’t limiting and instead aligns you fully to your divinely aligned audience.
  • Beyond Competition – it is a hidden block to your full vibrational potential and one you don’t want consciously or subconsciously weighing you down. These are custom strategies for eliminating the negative traps inherent to operating your enlightened business online without stress or fear.
  • Soul based Sales – how conscious commerce practices shift your sales funnel from a transactional process to a value based expansive exchange.
  • Together we rise – In addition you will be invited to be a guest expert featured in the Shift Series as well as other Full Circle online and group promotional events – once in the circle we are in this….together.

What this is not…

This is not about achieving “x” figure incomes (we have gotten there and know there is something more).


Nor is this is about eschewing economics or seeking an ascetic life – quite the contrary!

This is not about finding completion, or discovering your ultimate being: we are ever-changing beings and “perfection” is not our goal, but our process as we dynamically and intentionally balance ourselves each moment of each.



Our purpose…

We reorient ourselves so that we begin to craft our time, our businesses, our cells, our relationships towards the higher realm that we have heard calling, that we have glimpsed.

We restructure our world so that we work a delightful amount of hours, no more; spend time with our loved ones in a way that fuels and feeds us – and doesn’t deplete us; and build time for weaving magic deeply into our lives.

We will start with our core beings and find how to radiate all our creation from that sacred place.


“In the realm in which we co-create, all thought is energy. All intention is a fiber in the elaborate and divine tapestry that we weave.” — The Mystic’s Manifesto


About me:

I am a guide and facilitator of the life weaving process.

As a consultant, business strategist, entrepreneur, intuitive, energy and light worker, mother, wife & lover, homesteader, and curator of a divine life: including experiences, foods, textures, and relationships… I have been a master manifestation artist since I was a child – and I continue to delight in the power of human intention to shape reality – and in the power of women to accelerate and amplify the manifestation process when engaged in divinely guided circles.

Your investment

One on One business coaching + results based business mastermind + personal intuitive soul path mentoring

  • You are ready to commit to inviting gentle (though transformational!) shifts into your daily personal routines, business processes and soul practices
  • You are able to meet for three days in person in California on a date to be agreed upon for our immersion retreat
  • You are excited to bring your unique style, voice and presence to our monthly group mastermind calls and Facebook group
  • You are open to applying new paradigm techniques to your business to align yourself and your mission to your full purpose and prosperity
  • The cost: $12,000 ($3,000 deposit, with remainder divided monthly over 6 months*)

* This includes the California Immersion Retreat weekend which is fully inclusive except travel

∞ Lindsay is absolutely willing to make pricing and payment work so please don’t hesitate to ask

Are you being called?

Let me know a little bit about you…

  • Where you are right now?
  • What you see ahead of you?
  • What you are seeking?
  • What lights you up about the journey?
  • What feels hard or beyond your reach?
  • Why you are called to work with this circle?


After receiving your submission we create time to connect –

In person, by phone, or Skype – and we will explore the resonance between us.

At that time, we will know if we are in the circle together.

Once you have joined the circle, you become part of my life’s path in this world. You are included in my meditations, prayers, alchemy, art, spoken word.

We connect twice a month in person or by phone – more frequently via email – and almost daily via private group – as the guides lead us and as the human need arises.



  • Co-manifest your highest intention and greatest good
  • Release known and unknown blocks that are impeding your evolution
  • Support radical shifts and growth by inviting and engaging new methodologies, experiences, and modalities
  • Strengthen the conscious, intentional manifestorial process within, between, and throughout the circle we have created.


  • Divine, inspired and often radical healing
  • Inspired action and incredible creations
  • Unprecedented results
  • And delightful magic, fun and flow

All members of this circle gain early and preferred access to my life’s passion
and work: parties, events, workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages…



Our Adventure:


Special Guests:


Don’t be on the fence…your destiny is calling

January 15, 2018

Other Mystic Mavens share….

lizLindsay Pera works entirely from her heart. She is utterly authentic in everything she does – from running kick ass events to helping clients to healing her own family. Sure she’s smart, business savvy and brilliant with advice, but it’s her kindness, intelligence and massive heart that will stay with you.

Liz Scully | Mastermind Maven | Rethink Retreats

nicoleLindsay Pera is one of the most resilient and brilliant women I know. She has utilized her commitment to gratitude, and love of life and her family, to valiantly move through many challenging life situations. Lindsay has one of the most brilliant minds I have witnessed, she can take a whole lot of complexity, and create elegant and doable solutions. To boot she has a huge heart and a deeply compassionate nature. She is a trusted friend and I feel honored to have worked with her.
Nicole Young | Founder & COO | 8 Shields Institute

laurenLindsay you are a rare & natural force. Thank you for what you do in the world. Thank you, thank you again for what you helped and supported us to do.
Lauren Dalberth Hage | Founder & Mentor | Weaving Earth

marieLindsay Pera is a spark of love and connection. Her bright mind with words of encouragement and insight help others to manifest their next steps. Beyond traditional ways of moving forward, her vivid energy and pulse of lifeforce meet another to infuse action and movement. Lindsay is uniquely gifted with a tremendous ability to witness and heal. A sweet concoction of magic and mind — Lindsay is a rare treat to be savored and experienced for health and wholeness.
Marie McRee | Community Catalyst | Central Coast Village Center

erinLindsay has phenomenal business acumen and experience combined with powerful spirit guidance and intuitive gifts. What a rare and valuable combination! She has learned how to harness both sides of herself into an unstoppable force for creating conscious yet highly successful businesses. She will help a generation of new spirit-guided business people achieve greater success while embracing and channeling their mystical gifts.
Erin Cox | Author & Coach | One Hot Mama

kathleenWriting about Lindsay is a real challenge because it is difficult to qualify her unique brilliance with words. Lindsay has one of the most lucent minds I have ever encountered. She is able to distill enormous amounts of chaotic information into crystal clear bite sized morsels. The alchemy she uses to blend her intuitive abilities with her hard earned wisdom and skillful tools is nothing short of magic. I trust Lindsay as a leader, business woman, a guide, a mentor and anything else she would hang her hat on.
Kathleen Lockyer | OT | Institute for Sensory Based Learning

susanListening to varying perspectives represented in a group…bringing a blend of clear mind and astute intuition to this “creative soup”…gleaning commonality from the diverse points of view…organizing then articulating this common ground and next steps for an organization’s growth and well-being––this is how I continue to experience the unique qualities Lindsay Pera brings forward as a group facilitator and organizational consultant. Our nonprofit has entered and moved through many “crossroads moments” with clarity and equanimity, having benefited from her presence and skill.
Susan Pendergast | Writer & Mentor | Outside Now

kellyLindsay Pera has truly harnessed the power that is connection: connection between her personal life and her profession, her homestead and her community, and within her own body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to create such integration is not only rare and powerful, but also highly efficient and adaptable. With a heart full of gratitude, she has a unique ability to flow seamlessly between worlds of technology and nature, in a beautiful balance, which makes her an accessible influence to many, many people. I am privileged and honored to know her.
Kelly Reed Daulton | Symmetry In Motion

robinWorking with Lindsay is nothing short of inspiring. She is able to tap into sage wisdom and advice from a deep intuitive connection to source energy. She quickly and accurately read my situation, recognized what I needed and provide solutions that were aligned with my divine path to help children heal from chronic illness. Lindsay combines her practical real-world knowledge to help you find creative solutions that help you achieve your goals. She also helped me open my heart to receive the help I needed. Thank you so much Lindsay!!
Robin Green | LAC | Kids Love Acupuncture

dawnThe very first time I met Lindsay Pera, my first impression of her was that she was a beautiful woman with gorgeous and vibrant eyes, a welcoming smile, gentle nature, and loving heart.
After getting to know her better, I can honestly say that she IS all of the above and SO MUCH MORE.
Lindsay is a powerhouse of intelligence, knowledge, a quick mind, deep compassion, and spot-on intuition. She’s like nobody I’ve ever met before and different than anyone I will ever meet in my lifetime—she is that unique.
I feel so grateful and honored to have her as part of my direct circle of inspiring and high vibrational women. She’s definitely someone I love to support and hope to have in my life forever!
Dawn Kenroy Gibson | Personal Development Coach

how does it work?


Then our 6 month journey begins and includes:

  • Our Initiation Immersion Retreat is in California’s gorgeous central coast in February
  • Monthly online group mastermind hangouts
  • One monthly 1:1 call with Lindsay
  • Access to our private group & private email access to Lindsay
  • As well as a virtual Culmination Ceremony to wrap the bundle, integrate, and claim our rite of passage!




Bonuses and gifts…

In addition to our bonus experts and retreats…you can expect to be showered with goodies guaranteed to shift, inspire and transform.

…and even more bonuses…

I love presents and surprises and the Mystic journey promises to be full of both.

Hey there… This is a personal, private and invite only transformational journey. If you feel even an inkling of a knowing that this opportunity is for you, please contact me and let’s connect. It truly is time for you to claim your Aligned | Limitless | Sublime life – in a circle of women similarly motivated to shine. Just click the contact submission button below to let me know you are ready. Can’t wait to get started and let the weaving begin….