The Most Potent Magic of All

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I hope you’ve been having fun with the latest posts on Mystic Magic. Finding magic in life can be healing, inspirational and extremely transformational!  Wands, pendulums and potions are an easy and delightful way to experiment with magic in your everyday world, and add a little sparkle to any project or event. Today I’d like [...]


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Potions are everywhere, from libations to healing oils to herb infused teas and healing essences! We’ve all read children’s stories of love potions, sleeping potions, and sinister poison potions, and we still have them today. Take a look around your home, favorite health food store or the internet for the many ways potions express themselves [...]


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Part of our Mystic Magic School this summer was an exploration into pendulums. Pendulums are ancient tools used for divination. A pendulum can be anything with weight that can dangle from a fixed point, and is free to move in all directions.  I’ve seen pendulums made of crystal, wood and metal. I’ve even used my [...]

Prism Blog

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I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who was putting together a teleseminar. “I had five women signed up for my seminar,” she said. “But, I wanted more. I remembered what you told me about the prism process and thought I’d give it a try.” She told me how she had [...]

Tapping for Intuition and Divination

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Tapping for Intuition and Divination The following is an EFT Tapping Script from Claire Hayes. Just tap on the points while saying the words out loud and notice the difference. You can download the Tapping Points here Even though I’m not sure what I am doing, I love and accept myself Even though I [...]