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As we move into December, I feel myself yearning for the silence of winter. In the old way, winter was a time of sitting around the fire and listening to each other. The elders would tell the old stories, passing along their wisdom to the young. Everyone knew this was a time of deep listening, [...]

Peacemaking Within

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Peacemaking is such an important part of how we live together on this earth. In challenging situations, some might find it stressful to implement the tools of peacemaking with others. When I feel this energy in my own life, I breathe and remember one important phrase: “Peacemaking begins within.” Are you making peace with yourself? [...]

Sacred Commerce – The Outbreath

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Sacred Commerce comes with doing what you love and receiving compensation. We talk a lot about clearing blocks and allowing abundance to flow in. This is the In-Breath. To be in balance, we also need to realize the importance of the Out-Breath. The Out-Breath of Sacred Commerce means using your resources to support others who [...]


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I’ve been noticing and feeling the energies of division in our culture, and our world. At times it feels as though we are moving backwards in our quest for a more unified and peaceful world. When I feel this way, it’s time to look within and see where I am creating disruption within myself [...]

The Essence of Relationship

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A large part of the mystic path and sacred commerce is exploring the dance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. The divine feminine brings ease, grace and flow. The divine masculine stresses achievement and acquisition, going and doing. When in balance, the energies of divine feminine and divine masculine combine to move into [...]

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