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The Mystics Oracle Deck

A Mystic Co-Creation Between Sarah Love & Lindsay PeraA Mystic Co-Creation Between Sarah Love & Lindsay Pera

This Mystic Oracle deck is the product of a divine co-creation between Love Warrior and Artist Sarah Love and Mystic Mentor and Intuitive Guide Lindsay Pera. This deck is your potent oracle, ally and guide on the journey to Remembering your soul’s wisdom. Transformation is an iterative process you needn’t journey alone. Like the nautilus, life moves in spirals and the dance of life is fulfilled through connection to both self and spirit.

The Mystic Oracle deck holds wisdom from many cultures, geographies and influences. Weaving Tarot, Nature Connection, modern Mysticism and the lost arts, this deck celebrates our diversity and invites us deeper into the knowing of our unique gifts within the collective.

Honoring sacred inquiry and the intersection of magic, love and creativity – each of the 44 cards features a gorgeous multi-layered experience that blends themes, vibrant colors, and archetypal wisdom within its imagery to help guide you to the answers you seek.
The accompanying Mystic Oracle guide book, offers a prism of insights including a description of each card’s energy, its allies and inhibitors, and tools to support your experience of the cards through corresponding recommended flower essences, essentials oils, crystals, mantras and sacred questions.

Also included are layout recommendations and tips for how to use the deck with the intention of ease and grace – asking as little energy from you and as much positive impact for you as possible in your everyday life.

Spreads include, Medicine Wheel, Mystic 8 Directions, Right Livelihood  and Divine Timing.

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What’s Lindsay up to?

Have you grabbed your copy of the 2021 Mystics Almanac yet?  This labor of love for Lindsay is FILLED to the brim with wisdom, insight and goodness from the daily oracle to divination insight from so many modern mystics! Grab your copy while there are still some available!

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Every month, we feature a Modern Mystic and peek behind the curtain to experience the weaving of Right Livelihood, New Paradigm Business, Magic and Meaning.

More About Lindsay Pera

Lindsay On Business & Life Alchemy

My professional background is in the corporate start-up world of Silicon Valley, using innovative strategies to leverage corporate IP.  However, even as my career grew, I struggled with the question of how to integrate my strong intuitive and empathic nature with the conventional corporate world.  I felt like a person with a foot in two worlds, but not fully present to either.

Ultimately, I was forced to leave Silicon Valley and my corporate life by my long struggle with Chronic Lyme disease. That struggle proved to be a hidden blessing as I found myself beginning to rely more and more on my intuitive talents to guide my recovery and that of my children.  As my healing progressed, I began to mentor with master energetic healers and intuitives to refine my own raw talents.

Now fully recovered from my illness, I have found a path that lets me walk in both worlds, the world of enterprise and the world of mystical intuition, by bringing my knowledge of both together to help guide others who also feel the call to unify their deeper purpose and being with their work in the world.

From the mouths of Mystics…

Lindsay Pera works entirely from her heart. She is utterly authentic in everything she does – from running kick ass events to helping clients to healing her own family. Sure she’s smart, business savvy and brilliant with advice, but it’s her kindness, intelligence and massive heart that will stay with you.
Liz Scully, Mastermind Maven | Rethink Retreats
Lindsay you are a rare & natural force. Thank you for what you do in the world. Thank you, thank you again for what you helped and supported us to do.
Lauren Dalberth Hage, Founder & Mentor | Weaving Earth
Lindsay Pera is a spark of love and connection. Her bright mind with words of encouragement and insight help others to manifest their next steps. Beyond traditional ways of moving forward, her vivid energy and pulse of lifeforce meet another to infuse action and movement. Lindsay is uniquely gifted with a tremendous ability to witness and heal. A sweet concoction of magic and mind — Lindsay is a rare treat to be savored and experienced for health and wholeness.
Marie McRee, Community Catalyst | Central Coast Village Center
Lindsay has phenomenal business acumen and experience combined with powerful spirit guidance and intuitive gifts. What a rare and valuable combination! She has learned how to harness both sides of herself into an unstoppable force for creating conscious yet highly successful businesses. She will help a generation of new spirit-guided business people achieve greater success while embracing and channeling their mystical gifts.
Erin Cox, Author & Coach | One Hot Mama
Writing about Lindsay is a real challenge because it is difficult to qualify her unique brilliance with words. Lindsay has one of the most lucent minds I have ever encountered. She is able to distill enormous amounts of chaotic information into crystal clear bite sized morsels. The alchemy she uses to blend her intuitive abilities with her hard earned wisdom and skillful tools is nothing short of magic. I trust Lindsay as a leader, business woman, a guide, a mentor and anything else she would hang her hat on.
Kathleen Lockyer, OT | Institute for Sensory Based Learning
Listening to varying perspectives represented in a group…bringing a blend of clear mind and astute intuition to this “creative soup”…gleaning commonality from the diverse points of view…organizing then articulating this common ground and next steps for an organization’s growth and well-being––this is how I continue to experience the unique qualities Lindsay Pera brings forward as a group facilitator and organizational consultant. Our nonprofit has entered and moved through many “crossroads moments” with clarity and equanimity, having benefited from her presence and skill.
Susan Pendergast, Writer & Mentor | Outside Now
Lindsay Pera has truly harnessed the power that is connection: connection between her personal life and her profession, her homestead and her community, and within her own body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to create such integration is not only rare and powerful, but also highly efficient and adaptable. With a heart full of gratitude, she has a unique ability to flow seamlessly between worlds of technology and nature, in a beautiful balance, which makes her an accessible influence to many, many people. I am privileged and honored to know her.
Kelly Reed Daulton, Symmetry In Motion
Working with Lindsay is nothing short of inspiring. She is able to tap into sage wisdom and advice from a deep intuitive connection to source energy. She quickly and accurately read my situation, recognized what I needed and provide solutions that were aligned with my divine path to help children heal from chronic illness. Lindsay combines her practical real-world knowledge to help you find creative solutions that help you achieve your goals. She also helped me open my heart to receive the help I needed. Thank you so much Lindsay!!
Robin Green, LAC | Kids Love Acupuncture
The very first time I met Lindsay Pera, my first impression of her was that she was a beautiful woman with gorgeous and vibrant eyes, a welcoming smile, gentle nature, and loving heart. After getting to know her better, I can honestly say that she IS all of the above and SO MUCH MORE.
Lindsay is a powerhouse of intelligence, knowledge, a quick mind, deep compassion, and spot-on intuition. She’s like nobody I’ve ever met before and different than anyone I will ever meet in my lifetime—she is that unique.
I feel so grateful and honored to have her as part of my direct circle of inspiring and high vibrational women. She’s definitely someone I love to support and hope to have in my life forever!
Dawn Kenroy Gibson, Personal Development Coach
Lindsay Pera is a magical phenomenon. She creates pathways between her deep understanding of nature, natural rhythms and laws, and the world of wellness and business. She weaves a new basket where wisdom sits within the natural flow – so that work, life, health and spirit all feed and inspire each other. I am happy to call her one of my teachers.
Claire Hayes

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