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I’m so grateful to welcome you here.

I am all about connection and transformation – and have spent the better part of the last decade pursuing tools, processes and personal routines that support both.

new paradigm business strategy + wellness + personal alchemy and intuitive arts

More about me….

My entrepreneurial journey grew out of two transformative challenges in my life: the experience of being diagnosed with Lyme disease and finding out I had passed it on to my 3 children; and the seemingly conflicting drives of growing my corporate career and developing my natural intuitive gifts. After over 10 years of struggle with my illness, I finally had a major epiphany that my healing would not be an external process of treating symptoms, but an inward journey into seeing myself in a new “whole” way (body, mind, spirit, passion, gratitude, etc).  In that moment, I committed to not spend another dollar on “being sick.” Instead, I would only invest in wellness.

Part of that epiphany also showed me that the apparent conflict between conventional career and intuitive arts was merely a function of misperception.  That in fact my professional growth depended upon developing and integrating my raw intuitive skills.

I think it is vitally important that we open to the power of our innate inner healing, purpose, passion and prosperity and I am honored to be included in the journey of so many.

I do hope you will join us.  Let me know how I can be of service to you on your journey by clicking here.

In gratitude and more…

xo ~ Lindsay